Moving and Packing Suggestions

Moving and Packing Suggestions

Moving and Packing Suggestions from KCMM

Moving and Packing is a lot of work! We want to help you make your move as safe and easy as possible. Let us help you have a happy move!

Easy Moving and Packing Tips:

1. Start Packing Early!

Start packing AT LEAST two weeks before your move. Whether you are choosing to move yourself or have professionals move you, ONLY boxes and furniture should have to be moved.

2. Label everything!

Have every box and furniture item with a label of some sort indicating where it is going to go in your new home.  It is best to put the label on the side of the box/furniture item in case it is stacked.  This makes it a lot easier to organize your items at a glance and makes the delivery process go quicker and more efficiently. Be sure to label breakable items as “fragile.”

3. Use appropriate materials!

Always use appropriate size boxes and wrap items with paper, bubble wrap or blankets/towels. Make sure to use packing paper instead of newspaper or magazines because newspaper ink can stain and some thicker papers can scratch your items. Using the right size boxes will make loading the moving truck easier and wrapping items appropriately inside the boxes keeps your items secure and the boxes can be more sturdily and quickly stacked.   And, never use trash bags! They will not provide protection for your items and rip easily, damaging your possessions and slowing down your move.

4. Fill each box with as much as you can- use lots of paper!

The more tightly packed your items are, the more protected they are. Items should not touch each other, and if it can roll, shake or is making a rattling sound when moved, you need more paper! Bundle up the insides of the boxes with some sort of trustworthy cushioning to maximize safety of the contents.  When in doubt, use more paper!

5. Do not under or over-pack a box!

It is very important that the tops of your cartons don’t “sag” or “peak.” It is crucial to the efficacy of the move that every box can be handled, stacked, and moved on a dolly, which means it can be securely tilted and stacked upon. This is another reason you should use a sufficient amount of paper/stuffing.

6. Use special caution when packing glass items!

Try to stuff hollow glass items with paper/cushioning and wrap them thoroughly.  Also, pack glass items on their side as they are weakest with pressure on their edges. On the other hand, flat items such as plates, pictures, and pieces of glass are weakest in the middle and should be packed and transported on their edges, or on their sides.We always label these boxes properly, with an arrow on the side to indicate which end needs to be up, as these boxes should not be stacked on their sides.

7. Make sure everything fits tightly!

Loading a moving van or truck correctly is like building a 3-dimensional building with every thing you own. Keep in mind that the more tightly packed, the more secure your items are because they are less susceptible rattling and breakage.

8. If using a professional mover, be present for as much of the move as possible.

If anything is damaged or done unsatisfactorily, make note of it on the receipt and bring it to the lead mover’s attention right away. Insurance claim negotiations may need to be discussed at the time of the incident.

9. If moving yourself, make sure you have some basic tools available.

Kansas City movers commonly need hammers, screwdrivers, knives and box cutters. Also, extra moving supplies like extra boxes and tape are always handy.

10. ALWAYS have some cash available!

You never know when you may have to run to the store or stop and grab something last-minute.


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