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Did you know that moving companies are one of the top “complained about businesses” at the Better Business Bureau? In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration received 2,851 complaints about movers last year. This represents an increase of 17 percent over 2010. As a result of the investigations, 75 companies were effectively shut down. “It’s concerning to us that rogue companies continue to take advantage of consumers who are not fully informed,” said FMCSA chief Anne Ferro.

A New Law  For House Movers Kansas City

This July, President Obama signed a new law giving the Transportation Department more authority to compel movers to return goods that have been “held for ransom.” They may also be able to use some of the $10,000-a-day fines to reimburse victims. Beginning in October 2014, new movers will need to pass tests showing fair estimations and adherence to consumer protection law.

What You Can Do: Verifying Credentials

The best house movers Kansas City has to offer are sometimes hard to find. But with due diligence, you will make an important decision that ensures a safe, hassle-free and productive move.

Consumers need to beware of unlicensed companies posing with phony websites, false credentials and no liability insurance, says the American Moving and Storage Association. So you’ll need to ask for proof of license and insurance. Don’t just take a photocopy at face value.

Keep in mind that professional-looking websites can still be fake. Look up the company’s complaint history at consumer protection site (You’ll find that Kansas City Metro Moving is registered and licensed, with no history of complaints!) For $20, you can obtain a report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration detailing a company’s crash record, enforcement actions against the company, and inspection results. Look for companies that are endorsed as “ProMovers” by the American Moving and Storage Association — like us!

Tactics Scam Artists Commonly Use

Look out for signs of a scam. For one, most companies use “bait-and-switch” tactics where they lure customers in by offering an extremely low bid — only to jack up the rate by thousands of dollars later! If a bid “sounds too good to be true,” it probably is!

Another common practice for scammers is to offer “non-binding estimates” over the phone — and raise the price upon delivery. (It’s best to get a binding in-home estimate in writing to protect yourself.)

Do not ever pay a deposit in advance. The legitimate house movers Kansas City offers would never ask for this.

Furthermore, avoid people who approach you on your doorstep. YOU should be the one finding them, not the other way around!

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