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You may be wondering if house movers in Kansas City are a worthy investment. While some apartment dwellers find it’s no big deal just to rent a U-Haul and pay a friend with a case of beer to move across town, it can be a huge hassle to move an entire lifetime worth of items from one house to another. It can be awkward meeting with a moving crew, since it’s not a group people interact with on a regular basis. Chances are, this is your first encounter with movers.

Here’s a little guide to help you know what is expected of you once the house movers Kansas City offers arrive…

Say Hello.

Take the time to meet the moving crew members who will be responsible for the safe transport of your possessions. We find conversation and a little bit of humor can make the day pass quicker for everyone! Once we get going, we’ll be constantly in motion, but we always like to see a smiling face at the door. Always have one responsible adult nearby to answer questions throughout the move and make sure that all your items end up in the proper rooms.

Provide Essentials.

A moving crew always appreciates it when a client offers drinking water or shows us to the restroom, should we need to use it. Having essential items like hand sanitizer and paper towels is always handy. If the weather is very hot or very cold, consider providing fans or heaters to ensure comfort while the doors are left open.

Inquire About Food.

Most crews greatly appreciate coffee in the morning and offer to pick up a fast lunch, since it’s time consuming and awkward to drive a big truck around the city. If you know of a place we can walk to grab a bite to eat real quick, that’s great too! We certainly don’t expect you to do any cooking or catering, but it’s always a kind gesture to show you care.

Keep Kids And Pets Occupied.

If possible, have your kids and pets stay with friends or relatives during the move. It’s much, much easier!

Offer Feedback.

We love to hear from satisfied customers. If you’re pleased with your move, send a nice letter or post a testimonial on our page. We reward crew members based on their approval ratings and quality scores. As with all hardworking front-line customer service professionals, tips are always greatly appreciated for a job well-done.

For the best house movers Kansas City has to offer, call 816-517-0560 for a free quote! 


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