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Moving is no picnic, but it can become a hellish nightmare if you choose the wrong local movers in Kansas City. The Better Business Bureau has received many complaints from consumers who say their moving companies were unethical, irresponsible and just plain reckless! Often, the consumers say they are quoted rock-bottom prices only to end up with a bill that is 3-4 times’ the size of the original estimate! In worst case scenarios, companies have held people’s possessions hostage or took off with over $48,000 worth of merchandise — never to return.

How To Protect Yourself

The Better Business Bureau recommends checking out a company’s rating through their site at www.bbb.org before hiring anyone. Make sure that they are licensed by the federal government and insured. Look to see that they have been in an established location for at least three years.

Comparison Shop.

The BBB also recommends seeking at least three written in-home estimates. You can’t really count on a firm price online or on the phone. The estimate should be based on the number of packed boxes and an itemized list of all the furniture being moved separately. Look for fuel surcharges, packing materials, loading and unloading charges. Ideally, everything will be itemized separately for an easy apples-to-apples comparison of local movers in Kansas City.

Know Your rights.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration details a list of consumer rights on their site, www.ProtectYourMove.gov. They have documents that explain what to do if your items are lost or damaged. Find out how to file a complaint with your local authorities if need be. Understand what type of documents you may be asked to sign to ensure you do not waive your legal rights by mistake.

Looking For Reliable Local Movers In Kansas City?

Kansas City Metro Moving only sends reliable movers you can trust to your home. All movers are courteous and professional, not to mention — in great shape and responsible! All movers are fully trained, experienced and pre-screened. There are many movers in Kansas City to choose from, but these guys arrive as-scheduled and on-time, with a no-nonsense approach to orchestrating your move.

Call 816-517-0560 for a free estimate.

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