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The summer is an ideal time to relocate to a new home — whether it be to downsize, accept a new job, access better schools, improve your surroundings, or expand your space. Taking time to find the right movers in Kansas City is not just a matter of protecting your valuables. It’s a matter of protecting your family.

Why You Need To Screen Movers In Kansas City…

A disturbing story out of Houston, Texas underscores the importance of screening prospective moving companies well before you allow these people into your home. A five-year-old boy reported that a mover improperly touched and photographed his five-year-old sister. The 21-year-old mover has been charged with indecency to a child and promotion of child pornography. Upon further inspection, the court found that this same man had previous records for marijuana possession and assault on a public servant. Is this the type of person you want coming into your home???

The KC Metro Moving Difference

Here at KC Metro Moving, we take hiring VERY seriously. Extensive background checks and drug screening is a mandatory part of our hiring process. No one with a criminal record is considered. Employees understand that they will be subject to random drug testing during the duration of our time with us. We only hire people who have worked for other moving companies in the past and can provide positive references. We do not hire any “labor ready” temp workers. Everyone on our crew is hired on a full-time, permanent basis because they are trustworthy individuals you can count on.

Training Matters at KC Metro Moving

Once we find the right people to work for our KC moving company, we take them through an extensive training program. All our movers learn how to pack fragile items, pack boxes most efficiently, move heavy items like pianos and pool tables, protect valuables and door frames during a move, and communicate respectfully with all clients. We find that these things matter — and that far too many companies out there simply do not care! All our movers have worked for companies that cut corner in the past and we feel we can do it better.

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