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Choosing the right movers in Kansas City MO is about more than price. It’s about INTEGRITY. You want guys that are experienced, knowledgeable, prompt and reputable. You are trusting these people in your home, around your family, and with your most precious belongings. While you’d assume that movers would be moral, upstanding people, there is not much industry oversight. Our whole crew has worked for companies previously that we felt could have done a better job. That’s what led us to form KC Metro Moving — to deliver better service and better results.

Did You Hear About The Movers In Jersey City??

One woman left her Connecticut home for Roswell, Georgia — only to find that the Jersey City moving company she’d hired online did not bring her belongings to her new residence! According to a New Jersey newspaper, the 50-year-old Danita Thomas, a retired firefighter and breast cancer survivor, was originally quoted $1,650 to move furniture and 30 boxes. However, on her July 1st moving day, the company called her to say they needed to add six or seven boxes to complete the move. “Just go ahead. I will pay for it,” she said. But little did she know, the price would quickly escalate to $5,800! “I almost passed out,” she recalls.

The company is arguing that it’s all on Thomas because she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do about the situation. They claimed they gave her a “$1,000 discount,” bringing the total cost down to $4,900. Even so, Thomas thought she was to pay 10 percent of the $1,650 quote upon booking and the additional 60 percent when the items were delivered. Thomas felt as though the company was holding her items hostage!

Desperate to get her belongings, Thomas paid $4,000 on July 18th, but still did not see her items. Last week, she called Jersey City police and filed a report, alleging theft. When an officer confronted the moving company, they said it would be delivered “in two days.” On the third day, the police told her to “give it one more day.”

On July 27th — nearly a month after Danita’s originally scheduled moving date — the truck showed up in Georgia with her belongings. At first, the driver refused to unload all the items without full payment of “the remaining $1,900 she owed.” After striking a deal, he admitted he didn’t even have everything with him!!! Can you imagine??  The company claimed their other driver “got lost in South Carolina,” which is why it took 3 days for him to arrive. To us, that is just totally unacceptable and unprofessional!

Hire The Best Movers In Kansas City MO & Avoid Stress.

A move is stressful enough as it is. In fact, Americans cite moving as the third most stressful life event — after the death of a loved one or a divorce. The best way to protect yourself in a move is to get everything in writing. We have the terms and conditions listed right on our site and you will have a signed copy of the quote in-hand before the moving day. Any updates will be signed in writing by you and the moving crew’s team leader to avoid surprises. We pride ourselves on being prompt and professional.

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