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The average American moves 12 times in his or her lifetime, according to the US Census Bureau. That’s a lot of moves! Yet, that is also many times to be disappointed if you do not find the right movers for the job. Generally speaking, the moving industry does not have a very good reputation. In fact, moving companies are in the Better Business Bureau’s “Top 10 Most Complained-About Businesses.”

Looking For Movers in Leawood KS?

We find the tarnished industry reputation to be very disconcerting… mostly because we know just how EASY it is to provide customers with great service and leave a wake of glowing testimonials behind! Here’s how:

  • Qualified Staff – We don’t hire former criminals. We don’t hire drug users. We don’t hire illegal immigrants. We don’t hire people with no moving experience. We don’t hire college students who are off for the summer. All the movers at KC Metro Moving are experienced, full-time, permanent employees. They’ve all been fully vetted and fully trained, so we’re confident that we can provide superior service to the vast majority of local movers who are scrambling just to find bodies to fill in thankless positions. All our movers are compensated fairly, so we keep our turnover rate down to practically nothing.
  • Methodology – We’ve done countless hours of research to learn the best techniques for moving as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible. We’re not just rushing through so we can punch out and get a beer. We’re combining years of experience with the best of our knowledge to carefully wrap up your valuables and scoot them out of the house, without causing any damage. There is no standing around, no wondering what to do next, and no arguing about the best way to get things done. We just do our job — and do it right!
  • Protection – We have full liability insurance and worker’s comp. We are also fully licensed to operate in the state of Kansas. While this may all sound like typical stuff, you’d be surprised how many local companies are operating without the bare minimum standards for protection, which leaves you — the client — at risk, should someone become injured while moving items on your property! You can read a copy of our terms and conditions to see how much we value your protection and spell out our policies as clearly as possible.

What KC Metro Moving Offers

We are here for you, 24/7 — even on holidays, evenings and weekends. We have experience facilitating residential and commercial moves. Our movers in Leawood KS can pack up your entire house in a full-service move or simply show up just to move one hefty piece of furniture for you. We can rent you a truck, help you pack, or just move everything you’ve already packed. Our flexibility is another reason why so many residents have hired us to ensure a smooth transition in life.

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