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Movers in Overland Park, KS are often asked what it’s like in this area for relocation. We respond by telling them that Overland Park is frequently listed as one of America’s “Best Places To Live.”  Residents have a lot of positive things to say about life in Overland Park.

Reviews of Overland Park KS

Here are some quotes from local residents:

“This city turned out be one of America’s best kept secrets. It’s a perfect place for a growing family! Great neighbors, fantastic civic facilities and some of the best school districts in the country.” – Anjan

“We moved to Overland Park, KS in 2000 from a large world class city and after some adjustment love it here. The city is well cared for, the schools are great and the people are very friendly. It is definitely a great place to live with a very good quality of life.” – Aisha

“What made Overland Park great is not only the convience of most of anything from shops to restaurants is the highways.The 435 loop, 69 and 35 made it possible to get about anywhere in no time.” – TJ

“I wouldn’t raise my kids anywhere else. My voice is heard at the city level and state level and my concerns and ideas have merit here; hard working, smart people who value their families.” – Elizabeth

“OP is THE place to live for all the reasons already listed…good schools, low crime, plentiful well-paying jobs, GREAT housing (compared to the coasts we have twice the house for half the money!)” – Tim

“The schools are fantastic, the children inquisitive, eager to learn and athletic… very active doing things outside instead of sitting around the computer or TV. This is a service-oriented community that goes the extra mile.” – Linda

” Life in the Midwest is EASY… No Worries, Gorgeous Dream Homes, Close to Venues, No Traffic, Low Taxes, No Hassles.” – Christy


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