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How much do movers cost? We hear this question a lot at Kansas City Metro Moving. As you can imagine, there are many different factors that enter into the free estimate we give you. Before you look for the best movers Overland Park KS has to offer, there are several considerations to make if you are looking to keep your costs down.

How Are Moving Costs Calculated?

If you’re moving to Kansas from another state, most moving companies charge you based on the weight of your belongings and the distance they are traveling. Naturally, packing and other services are additional. On the other hand, a local move is generally based on an hourly rate, the number of personnel required, and the number of vehicles we need to move your stuff. Taking an inventory of big items and counting the number of boxes is another method we can use to estimate how much manpower and truck space you’ll need.

Tip: The more prepared you are with a detailed list of what needs to be moved, the more accurate your estimate will be. 

What Are Binding & Non-Binding Estimates?

When KS movers offer you an estimate, it is important that you understand whether it’s binding or not. A non-binding estimate is an approximation of your moving costs. This number will be modified after the shipment is weighed or calculated. Usually, these estimates are lower than binding estimates, but there is no guarantee you will receive a final price tag below the original number you were quoted. However, movers cannot ask you to pay MORE than what they quoted (plus 10 percent) at the time of delivery. You may pay the remainder of the cost up to 30 days after your moving date.

On the other hand, a binding estimate means that your moving costs will be the fixed rate you were quoted — no more, no less. Binding estimates cover all goods and services listed on your bid sheet. If you add items or request additional services later on, the mover may need to revise the estimate. Any items you request that were not included in your original estimate will be billed to you 30 days later.

Sometimes you’ll see something called a not-to-exceed estimate. This may also be referred to as a “Guaranteed Price” or “Price Protection.” You will be billed the exact amount quoted to you OR LESS — whichever is lower.

Tip: Be sure to outright ask which type of estimate you are receiving! Don’t leave any room for ambiguity.

Watch Out For Low-Ball Movers

It’s always recommended that you get at least 3 estimates before you move. Sometimes people find there is one bid that is unbelievably low compared to the others. Before presuming this is a great deal, be sure you know what you’re in for. Sometimes these movers suddenly “remember” extra expenses once all your items have been loaded onto the truck. Remember, it’s not just the price; it’s the total value of a professional move that must be considered.

Tip: Avoid movers who offer unrealistic or hasty assessments of your move to avoid nasty surprises later!

For the best movers Overland Park KS has to offer, call 816-517-0560 to schedule your free estimate.

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