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moving companies kansas city

Moving Soon? Let us do all the work!

Is It Really Time To Move Already??

Nothing creeps up faster than an impending move. Even if your relocation seems like a long ways away, keep in mind that the best planning begins approximately four weeks before the big day! If you haven’t called a few moving companies Kansas City has to offer yet, then what are you waiting for? Quotes are quick, easy and FREE!

What To Do 4 Weeks Before You Move

  • Clean out your closets! Be honest with yourself. Have you really worn those pants in the last year or two? Sure, you love the way your jeans ripped and faded, but they’re ill-fitting from too many trips through the dryer. Give it up to Good Will! Also, don’t forget to hang onto your receipts for a tax deduction at year’s end!
  • Have a garage sale. Did you know that many people pay for moving companies Kansas City staff by having a garage sale and getting rid of unwanted items? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Even by charging just 10 cents to a dollar for your goods, you could easily make $300 in one weekend!
  • Assemble boxes. Stop by your local grocery store to find big boxes for your move. Buy a few big totes with lids for items that will go into long-term storage.
  • Contact  moving companies for estimates.  Find licensed and insured movers in the area and get a couple of moving quotes. Search for companies with upfront pricing that won’t nickel-and-dime you.
  • Let your utility companies know. The last thing you want is to end up living in a house with no utility service for days or weeks because you forgot to call and schedule something.
  • Let your post office know. Use this  fast, safe and secure online form to register for an address change.
moving companies kansas city

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What To Do 1 Week Before Moving

  • Use up  all old cleaning supplies. (Do not pack or ship toxic or flammable items!)
  • Get rid of perishable goods. (Most moving companies refuse to move food, due to safety reasons.)
  • Assemble a first-aid kit. (You never know when someone will pinch a finger or trip.)
  • Get a tool kit made up. (You’ll probably need a hammer, screwdriver and measuring tape, for example.)
  • Remove fuel. (Drain your lawn mower, gas grill and motorcycle to avoid a dangerous move.)
  • Make a list. (Have a master list of every essential item in every labeled box to avoid losing items.)
  • Have essentials ready. (You might be tired, so keep your bed linens, pillows and toothbrush handy.)

What To Do On Moving Day

Once the big day has arrived, be sure that you read the moving contract carefully before signing. Keep copies of all moving transactions (including lodging, gas, meals, etc) for tax purposes. Make sure all appliances are working. Review all boxes moved and bring up any concerns before the movers leave.

Remember, you can minimize the amount of work it takes to move if you call one of the best moving companies Kansas City has to offer!


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