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Moving Supplies and Our Landfills

Here’s something you may not think of very often: How much waste do we create by moving each year?

Imagine how many people move each year. Think about all the boxes, tape and supplies being assembled for this one day. According to Biocycle, each person creates about 1 TON of waste and it’s getting harder to hide our trash out-of-sight. Even if we recycle some of this waste, that is still a LOT of garbage in the landfills!

Tips For Green Moving

Kansas City Metro Moving has the following earth-friendly tips for your relocation:

  • Use rent-able recopacks or Zipp Go containers, instead of cardboard boxes to move your gear.
  • If you must buy boxes, opt for corrugated boxes with high recycled paper content.
  • Recycle your boxes as soon as you’re done unpacking.
  • Donate your unwanted items, rather than throwing them in the trash.
  • Use newspaper, towels or bed linens to wrap fragile items, rather than bubble wrap.
  • Drop off hazardous waste like cleaning supplies at the proper receptacle prior to moving.
  • Rent a green truck that runs off alternate fuels.
  • Pack the truck as densely as possible to avoid making more than one trip.
  • Hoard any new packaging materials you had to buy to loan to a friend or use for your next move.
  • If you’re moving very far, consider purchasing carbon offsets.
green movers kansas city

Why Call Our Movers?

While we are not necessarily thee greenest movers Kansas City has to offer, we will do our best to meet your needs if the environment is something that matters a lot to you. You may request that we pack your items in reusable totes, rather than cardboard boxes. We are very conscientious about recycling and minimizing our carbon footprint. We’d love to talk about earth-friendly initiatives with you during your FREE in-house estimate. Call 816-517-0560 at your earliest convenience.


At Kansas City Metro moving we provide our exceptional moving services to the entire KC Metro. If your zip code is listed below we can help!


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