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People often ask us, “Do you ever drop a piano?” The answer is always “No.” We’ve taken great pride in assembling and training the best piano movers in Kansas City, so we can say with supreme confidence, “No, we will absolutely not drop your piano.”

Pianos Are Our Passion.

Some guys on our crew actually specialize in moving pianos across Kansas City. Moving a piano is not like the basic grunt work of hauling boxes from point A to point B. It requires intelligence, patience, prowess, strength, and an eagle-eye for detail. We have guys who could move the average 400-500 pound piano single-handedly, but we typically send two guys to move the 1,300 pound, 9-foot concert baby grands. It may not be easy, but it’s rewarding.

We’re Masters Of The Tipping Point.

Contrary to popular belief, there is very little actual lifting, say our Kansas City piano movers. Even when stairs are involved, we typically lay boards across the steps and do a push-slide type deal. A lot of the skill in moving piano lies in knowing where the tipping point is and keeping the weight comfortably at the balancing point just before it. It’s sort of like when you lean back in a chair and find that comfortable zone where you can kick back, without actually falling over. From there, it’s balance, step, balance, step. At this point, you are dancing with the piano — and it’s exhilarating.

Few Jobs Are More Rewarding Than Moving A Piano.

Once we heard the “crack” of an old stair buckling, but we never let go and we never faltered. There’s not much a mover can do about a rotten staircase. But we understand that we’re not just moving a piece of furniture — that every piano has its own backstory. Whether you have a child prodigy in the house or someone who plays to relax, we know that pianos are treasured family heirlooms that sometimes have to leave their comfortable resting place to move into new homes.

Naturally, You Wouldn’t Want Laurel and Hardy To Move Your Precious Piano.

No one wants a couple of bumbling idiots like Laurel and Hardy to move an expensive and beloved musical instrument. Yet, there are a lot of KC movers out there who have never moved a piano before or who have never even been trained in moving a piano. Certainly there is no room for error. So, if you want an experienced crew of piano moving masters, please call the very best piano movers in Kansas City at 816-517-0560.

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