Labor Only Moving

Labor Only Moving

Labor Only moving means that you do not need one of our trucks, you just need some labor help.

Need someone to do the heavy lifting? Labor only moving is one of our specialties!

That is what we’re here for!

Our experienced team will bring out the equipment needed to move your furniture. We can load up your items on your rental truck and help you unload all of your valuables and professionally reassemble your house. That way you can drive your own truck and have all of the control! Or, we can help you move furniture within your home.  For example, if you need an appliance moved from the basement to the main floor or need to move the furniture out into the garage for the carpets to be cleaned.

We can load your POD or other storage unit, and also help you unload some of your storage unit into your home. We have even moved students into their college dorms. This way, you save yourself from calling in favors to your friends and family to help you, and you have the assurance of more practiced hands for your move.

Email us at, or call us at 816-517-0560 to discuss your upcoming move.